escursioni nella natura intorno Aosta

Hikes in Valle d’Aosta

Summer in Aosta: what to do?

Even in the summer, the Aosta Valley reserves various unique surprises. Planning excursions near Aosta in summertime not only has its advantages, as escaping the summer heat, but will surprise you with the variety of places and activities that will excite you.
A few kilometers from Aosta, for example, we find Pila, a famous ski resort. It overlooks the city of Aosta and it’s a perfect starting point for your hiking.

Pila: How to Arrive There and Where to Go

from the center of Aosta you can reach the Pila station in just 18 minutes thanks to a quick cable car. You can park your car in the city and enjoy the natural wonders offered by these places.

The station of Pila offers a breathtaking panoramic view. From here you can see the highest European peaks, including Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. During the winter Pila is a destination for all snow lovers, its area in fact develops into 70 kilometers of ski slopes: 4 blue, 4 black and 22 red.

But what to do in summer in Pila? During the summer, Pila becomes an exciting destination for all types of visitors who want to immerse themselves in nature.
In this article we will show you some hikes to satisfy the tastes of a wide variety of travelers.

Wear comfortable shoes and backpacks, let’s go!

escursioni da Pila funivia nel centro di Aosta

1. Chamolé Lake

From the arrival station of the cable car in Pila you can reach a wonderful lake.
For more adventurous people it’s possible to climb up through a path. Following the above-mentioned trail you can admire the landscape and some stretches of the ski slopes crossed by mountain bike trails.
The routes have an average difficulty and the journey time is about 1h30m.

If you want to admire the view in absolute comfort, you can get on a chairlift from the station of Pila which takes you to an altitude of 2.303 meters. From there, proceed along a path that in 10 minutes leads you to Lake Chamolè.

escursioni Lago di Chamolé vicino Aosta
Fonte: Tiia Monto- Licenza Creative Common

The water of this lake is crystal clear, with a background that leaves you speechless, in the background you can see the Mont Blanc.

When you reach the lake Chamolé, you will be overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the panoramic view. Enjoy the sunshine and every blade of grass.

2. Arbolle

Continuing from Chamolé lake you encounter after a while the Chamolé hill, a natural terrace overlooking the valley. From here descend to the old mountain pasture of Arbolle which takes its name from the lake.
Here you can see the Arbolle mountain alpine hut.

Escursioni Rifugio Arbolle vicino Aosta

Since 1998, when the Arbolle mountain alpine hut was opened, it became one of the favorite destination for travellers visiting Valle d’Aosta.

Surrounded by unspoiled nature, Arbolle mountain alpine hut is located at 2507 meters of altitude. Near to this alpine hut you can find the Arbolle Lake with his crystal clear water and small rivers.
The atmosphere is absolutely magic and you will feel as you are in paradise.

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3. Becca di Nona

The Arbolle mountain alpine hut is also an excellent starting point to reach one of the most spectacular viewpoints from which you can admire the regional county seat of the Valle d’Aosta and the main Alpine peaks.

Becca di Nona and Mount Emilius are both a true symbol of the Aosta Valley nature.
After a walk, your efforts will be rewarded by the breathtaking view of this mountain.

Escursioni Becca di Nona- funivia Aosta-Pila
Fonte: Fulvio Spada- Licenza Creative Common

During the climb it seems almost impossible to see the arrival, because only in the last stretch of walk you can see the summit, also recognizable thanks to the presence of a statue of the Madonna.

Once you arrive you can rest or enjoy your lunch and admire the natural beauty of this territory.
If you decide to stay in this wonderful region in September, you can take part in a footrace on the first Sunday of September.
The race starts from Emile Chanoux square in Aosta and ends right on the summit of Becca di Nona.

4. San Grato Hermitage

From the station of Pila it is also easy to reach the Hermitage of San Grato, where the cult blends with nature.

From the arrival station of the Aosta-Pila cable car it is possible to reach the hermitage in about an hour, following a flat and easy path.
San Grato is the protector of the city of Aosta. According to tradition he went to this place to meditate but unfortunately there are no certainties about this.
The chapel dedicated to the Saint appears completely immersed in the nature. On the top of the bell tower there is a 3-metres high statue of the Saint.

Escursioni Eremo di San Grato vicino Aosta
Fonte: Patafisik - Licenza Creative Common
The Statue, realised in 1853 by the Valdostan artist B. Thomasset, seems to be placed to protect the city of Aosta. Every year, on the night of 6/7 September, on the occasion of the feast of San Grato, the scouts organize a procession. The procession starts from the church in Pila and ends at the hermitage.

5. Marmot Path

Children will love a special excursion: a walk through Marmot Path
This excursion will allow children to discover the magic of nature, in contact with its flora and fauna.
The name of this path is due to the small marmots that inhabit the place. On the way, you can meet marmots or their houses built in the ground.

Escursioni Sentiero delle Marmotte vicino Aosta
Fonte: Tommaso Saibene- Licenza Creative Common

Moreover, along the path there are information panels. Each panel shows the life and habits of these lovely animals, creating a lot of curiosity in the young but also in the adults.

Marmots, however, are not the only animals to inhabit this territory, you can also meet other sweet animals such as chamois or foxes.

Which to choose?

Queste sono solo alcune delle escursioni che è possibile fare in questo territorio durante il periodo estivo.
The Aosta Valley satisfies all travellers at any time of the year, giving different views for each season although remaining always the same.

In addition, the Aosta Valley preserved many traces of the past including many castles.
Se volete immergervi in un’atmosfera magica valdostana vi consigliamo di visitare queste antiche fortezze.

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