Skyway Monte Bianco vicino Aosta

Skyway Mont Blanc

Aosta Valley is one of the smallest regions of Italy, but it has the highest peaks of the peninsula. Surrounded by the 4 highest mountains in Italy: Monte Rosa (4,634 m), Gran Paradiso (4,061 m), Matterhorn “Cervino” (4,478 m) and Mont Blanc (4,810 m) which is also the highest mountain in Europe.

There are many excursions near Aosta, but for those who choose the high altitude you may be wondering: how to reach the highest peak in total safety? The answer is: with the Skyway Mont Blanc. Not just a cable car but a real highway to the sky that, starting from Courmayeur, will make you feel like you are touching the sky with a finger. Whether in summer, spring or winter the Skyway always gives emotions and landscapes that you will remember forever.

So, what we are waiting for? Ready, steady…SkyWay!

What's the cable car route?

Skyway Mont Blanc, inaugurated in 2015, is an example of Italian engineering project. Skyway Mont Blanc offers semi-spherical cabins which gently rotate a full 360 degrees. It has 3 different stations all perfectly integrated into the natural landscape with their glass, wood and steel structure.
The experience begins at the first station: Courmayeur/ The Valley.

Courmayeur-Skyway Monte Bianco

1. Courmayeur: 1300m of beauty

The first station is Courmayeur/The Valley, it sits at an altitude of 1300 meters.
This is where our dream begins, from here we will reach the highest point. Inside the station there are several services and this is the perfect start towards our ascent to the mountain.

There are spacious car and bus parks, a left-luggage office and a bar where we can recharge with a breakfast. So we will be ready and full of energy to continue our journey to the second station: Pavillon/ The Mountain.

After purchasing the ticket it is advisable to make a booking of the slot, even if not required.

2. Pavillon: the dream continues at 2173 meters

With this first stretch we begin to admire nature in all its forms. From the green mountains we get closer to the snow-capped peaks, while the valley of Courmayeur seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Pavillon Station, at an altitude of 2173 meters, shows us the unspoiled nature with its incredible views.

Punta Helbronner- Skyway Monte Bianco

Inside this station you can grasp the infinite magnificence of the Mont Blanc on the 180 degree panoramic terrace.
There are also bar and restaurants, a cinema that seats up to 150 people and a shop where you can choose the perfect souvenir that will remind you of this experience.

Do not miss a visit to the Cave Mont Blanc, a high-altitude vineyard where you can toast with a glass of Prié blanc. Prié blanc, grows at an altitude between 900 and 1200 metres, and is considered the highest vine in Europe.

If you are also passionate about history, do not miss a visit to Hangar 2173, where you can discover and relive the history of the cableway visiting the premises of the old station.
Then continue our journey to the last station: Punta Helbronner/The Sky.

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3. Punta Helbronner

Finally we come to the nearest point of the European rooftop: Punta Helbronner.
It is the third station of the Mont Blanc skyway, at an altitude of 3466 meters, where we will be completely immersed in the purest nature.

From this height we really feel so close to the sky that we can imagine being able to touch it with a finger. We can grasp the infinite magnificence of the Mont Blanc on the 360 degree panoramic terrace.

In addition to the panoramic terrace, in this station there are the highest library in Europe and the Crystal room, where we can see the crystals from the Mont Blanc.

Punta Helbronner Skyvertigo Monte Bianco

The beauty of these 3466 meters of altitude cannot but be admired on the Sky Vertigo, an amazing glass terrace into the mountains. We will feel like we’re suspended in the air.

Inside this station there is also a restaurant, where you can enjoy a high-altitude lunch break.

What about my kids?

Well, you’re probably wondering if this experience can also be lived by families with children.
We are actually here to give you a wonderful news: Skyway Mont Blanc is suitable also for children. During the ascent, you can stop at the intermediate stations and the children can get acclimatized to the altitude.

When you’ll arrive at the second station (Pavillon), you will find a wonderful surprise for children. Are you curious? We’ll tell you the secret immediately, upon arrival you will find the Skyway For Kids!

Skyway for Kids Monte Bianco vicino Aosta

Skyway for kids: not just a baby park

The skyway for kids is kind of an adventure park with a lot of fun activities, that will make your children feel like little climbers.
They will live amazing moments with slides, ropes and walkways suspended at 30 centimeters. In addition, there is a small artificial lake and the children on the rafts will navigate like real explorers.

These are just some of the fun activities planned in this adventure park and you will have fun together with your children and take part in real activities on the Alps.

Which experience should you choose?

If you have already bought your ticket, we recommend you to book your time slot for the cable car. There are different types of reservations and experiences you can choose for a high altitude lunch or for an alpine aperitif.

If you still need to make up your mind on the best ticket to buy, check out the official price tables from the links below:

Experiencing Mont Blanc is an incredible combination of sensations and experiences. You will be likely to organize immediately another journey on the Alps.
As you have noticed, this small region has a lot of resources. Aosta Valley offers unique emotions and experiences for everyone at any time of the year.
A region rich in nature, tradition and culture. You can discover the soul of this region and lose yourself in its different atmospheres.

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