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Castles around Aosta

5 Castles near Aosta

The Aosta Valley, although is one of the smallest regions of our country, houses many treasures including the famous castles.
Visiting castles in the Aosta Valley is an experience suitable for everyone, especially for families with children. The fairytale atmosphere created by the castles, at any time of the year, will strike you directly at the heart and you cannot not wait to visit the next one.

Which are the most beautiful castles near Aosta? There are many castles in this area but we will show you, in our opinion, the most beautiful castles for their structure and the landscape they create.

1. The Royal Castle of Sarre

The royal Castle of Sarre is located in Lalex on a hilloc. It was the property of several families but in 1869 it became the residence of the first king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele, who used it as a residence during his hunting trips in Aosta Valley.
It is still possible to admire the history of the royal family of Savoy, with paintings and hunting trophies.

The first floor houses the rooms of the royal apartment with some original furnishings from the period of king Emanuele II and Umberto I. On the second floor, which once housed the guest rooms, the style of the period of Emanuele III and Umberto II appears emphasized.

Castle near Aosta-Castello di Sarre vicino Aosta
Fonte: Archivio Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - Licenza Creative Common

In 1989 the castle became the property of the Aosta Regional Cuncil. The castle was restored and became a true symbol of the history of the Kings of Italy and the House of Savoy.

2. Fenis Castle

One of the most famous castles in Aosta Valley is undoubtedly the castle of Fenis. Unlike other medieval castles, it is located on a small knoll without natural defenses.

Its structure is the result of several building campaigns, especially by the Challant family. The structure of the towers, dating back to the time of this family, make it an example of medieval castles of the collective imagination.

With the decline of the family, however, the castle also was subjected to a slow degradation until 1895. Year in which, Alfredo d’ Andrade, archaeologist, painter and architect naturalized Italian, purchased and restored the castle.
Alfredo d’ Andrade donated it to the State of Italy in the 1896 and the castle became a national monument, now owned by the Aosta Regional Council .

Castelli Aosta- Fenis
Fonte: Archivio Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - Licenza Creative Common

The castle has a pentagonal plant and it is surrounded by striking towers situated on a double walls.
In addition to the spacious interior, the castle has a charming courtyard.

Inside the courtyard there is a semi-circular staircase and a fresco depicting Saint George killing the dragon. It is also possible to admire the wooden balconies, on the upper floors, decorated with frescoes depicting the wisemen. They hold in the hand parchments with proverbs and moral phrases in ancient French.

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3. Cly Castle

Just 15 minutes away from Fenis Castle, you can visit one of the oldest castles in Aosta Valley: Cly Castle.
The castle was intended to act as a protection for the village, in fact it was built on a rocky peak at an altitude of 780 meters.

Its structure, simple but fascinating at the same time, includes a square-based tower surrounded by a city walls.

Castello di Cly vicino Aosta
Fonte: Stefano Canziani - Licenza Creative Common

Within these walls were several residential buildings and the chapel dedicated to Saint Maurice.

Originally the entrance to the castle was on the southern side, while today it is on the northern side.
As soon as you enter, you will be captivated by the majesty of the tower. Unfortunately, to date it’s not possible to visit the interior.
Thanks to the cultural association “The manor of Cly”, the castle became the seat of numerous cultural events that show the different aspects of medieval life.

4. Fortress of Bard

Fortress of Bard is a fortified complex, it is mostly intact since the beginning of XIX century. Fortress of Bard is one of the most beautiful and magical castles in Aosta Valley.
The castle, with its evocative appearance, can be reached through panoramic elevators that make the visit even more fascinating.
The complex consists of three buildings: the Opera Ferdinando, the Opera Vittorio and the Opera Carlo Alberto, today it represents a real cultural fortress.

Forte di Bard vicino Aosta
Fonte: Archivio Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - Licenza Creative Common

On the first floor of the Opera Carlo Alberto, in fact, there is the Museum of the Alps which, with an interactive itinerary, leads the visitor to the discovery of the Alps. Visitors also discover the transformations of the mountains due to man.

Inside the Opera Vittorio there is “Children’s Alps“, a children space for fun educational activities. In this space children can approach to the alpinism and they can climb, even if virtually, the Mont Blanc.
The itinerary develops in 9 rooms, from the preparation of the climb with the choice of equipment, to the conquest of the peak. It making every children feel like a real alpinist.

Inside the Opera Carlo Alberto we can visit also the “Prisons“, with 24 cells. The narrow cells, where prisoners were kept.

The visitor, thanks to films, prints and paintings has the opportunity to discover the various architectural changes that the fortress have occurred over the centuries. In addition, you can discover the different historical characters who contributed to the history of the castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Aosta Valley.

5. Ussel Castle

Ussel castle marks a change in military architecture of Aosta Valley. Built on a rocky promontory it is the first example of a single body castle in Aosta Valley.

Castello di Ussel vicino Aosta

The castle in fact consists of a single massive structure with a rectangular plan. The main side is located to the south and includes two circular towers.

The beauty of this castle is also due to the presence of small blind arches and double lancet windows decorated with floral motifs.

Live a fairy tale experience

Don’t miss your change to immerse yourself in this magical and evocative atmosphere at any time of the year. All these castles in Aosta Valley are waiting for you!

The beauty of these complexes stands out with the white snow of the winter, but also with the warm summer lights, with the soft autumn colors and with the sweet spring smell.

In addition, if you decide to visit these castles near Aosta and stay in the city, back from this experience you can delight yourself with different Food and Wine Tours. You can visit the best restaurants and farms where the genuine raw materials of the territory are produced.

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