Castles around Aosta

Castelli Aosta- Fenis

5 Castles near Aosta The Aosta Valley, although is one of the smallest regions of our country, houses many treasures including the famous castles.Visiting castles in the Aosta Valley is an experience suitable for everyone, especially for families with children.…

Hikes in Valle d’Aosta

escursioni nella natura intorno Aosta

Summer in Aosta: what to do? Even in the summer, the Aosta Valley reserves various unique surprises. Planning excursions near Aosta in summertime not only has its advantages, as escaping the summer heat, but will surprise you with the variety…

Skyway Mont Blanc

Skyway Monte Bianco vicino Aosta

Aosta Valley is one of the smallest regions of Italy, but it has the highest peaks of the peninsula. Surrounded by the 4 highest mountains in Italy: Monte Rosa (4,634 m), Gran Paradiso (4,061 m), Matterhorn “Cervino” (4,478 m) and…

The 5 Unmissable Places of Aosta

Apartments Aosta Maison Croix de Ville nel Cuore di Aosta

You are planning a trip to Aosta but you still don’t know what to visit? Today we will show you what to see in Aosta or rather the 5 unmissable places of this city, a perfect destination in every season.…

Skyway Monte Bianco

Skyway Monte Bianco vicino Aosta

La Valle d’Aosta è una delle regioni più piccole del nostro stivale, ma presenta le vette più alte della nostra penisola. Circondata dai 4 monti più alti d’Italia: Monte Rosa (4.634 m), Gran Paradiso(4.061 m), Cervino(4.478 m) e Monte Bianco(4.810…